CNA Enterprises actively manages each property in its portfolio of assets, with each market region having its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. The objective of CNA's asset management department, led by Steve Alkana, Senior Vice President, Asset Management, is to maximize income from each property while creating increased value over time. It is the management team's responsibility to maximize each property's income potential by optimizing rental rates, maintaining good tenant relations, efficiently planning space, and balancing the costs of new occupancy with the retention of existing tenants.

CNA engages skilled management professionals in each local market to bear responsibility for the daily operations of their assigned properties. CNA's asset management department oversees the local management companies and, in cooperation with CNA's leasing department, is directly involved in all leasing and management decisions for the properties.

CNA's specific areas of focus include:

Occupancy Management
By being responsive and flexible in its approach with tenants, CNA gains and facilitates greater opportunities to stabilize properties, increase yields, and maintain high levels of occupancy across its portfolio.

Building Operations
CNA implements strict management standards to its portfolio, bringing national caliber expertise to local markets, controlling costs while maintaining the financial performance and physical integrity of each property. In conjunction with its local market managers, CNA oversees maintenance of building systems, security, cleaning, landscaping, upgrades and renovation, and tenant improvement construction.

Financial Management
CNA Enterprises utilizes sophisticated accounting systems and reporting standards to evaluate monthly and annual budgets for its properties. Cash management of capital reserves and rental income, as well as the balance of distributions and retention of cash flow, are all part of maintaining the financial stability of each investment and achieving the highest return possible for investors.

Capital Improvements
To achieve value creation through selective improvements to buildings and property sites, CNA Enterprises focuses on non-structural renovations of building exteriors and other common areas. Exterior improvements may include upgraded facades, parking lot improvement, hardscape renovations, improved access, landscaping, and signage. CNA has established relationships with renowned architects, developers, engineers, and contractors to facilitate the work necessary to enhance the image, marketability, and long-term value of its properties.

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