Client Capital
CNA raises equity capital from affluent individuals situated both in the United States and abroad by offering a range of real estate opportunities designed to match individual objectives and investment resources. CNA's performance record and the attractiveness of the real estate market have allowed the company to commit increasing amounts of equity to new investments during the past decade. CNA continues to expand its non-U.S. client base as offshore investors increasingly view investment in U.S. real estate as an opportunity for stability, diversification, and sustained growth.

Investment Entities
CNA's investments are typically made through limited liability companies, limited partnerships, or similar investment vehicles. Prospective investors are provided with a detailed description of the aspects of the offered investment: its ownership structure; property, tenant and location information; performance objectives; and a full disclosure of its fees. After investing, CNA's clients receive detailed reports to keep them informed and involved during the investment cycle.

Individual Investments
CNA Enterprises may also represent individual investors in the purchase of properties for their sole ownership. CNA has acted in a range of capacities including advisor, manager, and, in some instances, co-investor in these properties. These separate activities are tailored on an individual basis to meet specific criteria and capitalize on CNA's expertise.

Alternative Investment Formats
As an advisor for real estate investors, CNA provides a sophisticated approach to evaluating particular real estate assets relative to other alternatives in terms of value, cash yields, and the potential for future appreciation. CNA is skilled at structuring like-kind exchanges of real property as well as investing on behalf of pension and retirement plans, trusts, and estates as part of an overall financial plan.

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